Where The Bible is The Only Authority.

Our Mission Statement

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The Word Of Truth Bible Institute

Our mission is to provide and foster academics that are biblically based by offering exclusively theology and missiology education for the sole purpose of furthering the gospel of Jesus Christ in the world (Matthew 28:18,20).

It is not our purpose to prepare students for secular endeavors, thus, it is our aim to provide

academics that will lead the student to depend on the Holy Spirit so that they may rightly divide

the word of truth. 

The foundation of The Word of Truth Bible Institute is the Bible, which is the only authority

that under girds the curriculum of this institution. We believe that the knowledge of the Word of God must be the only influence and absolute in the educating process for Christian ministry.

We recognize the Holy Spirit as the ultimate Teacher and the Bible as the only authority. A love for the Word of God and a thorough knowledge of it are prerequisites for any effective ministry, Open Bible Seminary exists to nurture and develop these principles.